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‘Em back in London – Land of Queenies Sunday, July 15, 2012

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Experienced being away from home, I’m anticipating home sickness in a few months, so pardon me of these writings. As the Brit words says “it may sound rubbish” to you but I really want to share my travel experience here in London. And hopefully, in Europe.

This is my second time around in London, but I may say, there’s so much London have to offer that I’m sure ‘havent really experienced on my first visit. Here’s my top ten reason why i fell in love with London:

1. Elegant Architecture – the huge amount of details they put on their buildings, even on a simple gate at the park demonstrate their love for elegance.

2. Wines – i love their red wines in particular.

3. Tea – A good place to rehabilitate my coffee addiction.

4. Their great respect for Art – museums can be found left and right, and mostly free!

5. Food food, fresh food – they are not a fan of instant meals or fast foods.

6. Open city

7. Effective form of transpo – train, tube, ferry

8. ‘Love their accent.

9. Cold weather.

10. ‘Love my London associates.



Started by a glass of wine Thursday, April 5, 2012

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I haven’t write here for more than 3 years. Here I am, retrieving my old blog site, trying to distress with a glass of wine.


Hey, You’ll always be my baby…Soundtrip!!! :) Monday, August 25, 2008

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Time proves it. Nothing changes. That love still remains thru the test of time. It might not be the present, might be your past. I don’t know why, but it is, what it is, i guess there are love that never fades.  That love doesn’t need for you to be together. It just reamins in your heart, because somehow, that person have solely occupied that space on your heart. Siguro meron nga talagang ganun, kaya na compose yung kanta na Always be my baby. I love the version of Mariah Carey as well. But as time demands, publish ko yung version ni David Cook.


I just want to say hello again… Monday, August 18, 2008

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Hello my friend,

We meet again. It’s been awhile, where should we begin? Feels like forever. Within my heart are memories of perfect love that you gave to me, Oh, I remember.

When you are with me, I’m free, I’m careless, I believe. Above all the others we’ll fly this brings tears to my eyes. My sacrifice.

We’ve seen our share of ups and downs. Oh how quickly life can turn around in an instant. It feels so good to reunite, within yourself and within your mind. Let’s find peace there.

When you are with me, I’m free, I’m careless, I believe. Above all the others we’ll fly, this brings tears to my eyes. My sacrifice. I just want to say hello again…




Road trip = Food trip, on one rainy trip Saturday, August 16, 2008

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Naney and I intended to go to the wedding of his cousin. It’s a 2hour drive all the way to Cavite. Originally, we planned of leaving Manila by 6:30 am, but unfortunately, we’ve made it by almost 7:30 am. I wen’t home late because of a stressing work yesterday. Nevertheless we still push thru, plus we also planned of going to Tagaytay after the wedding.

We pass thru SLEX via C5 road. Okay naman sia, nagulat ako sobrang bilis din. I’ve asked Naney to stop over Caltex, where we can eat breakfast, as I am really starving.

  • Stop over Caltex = KFC + Starbucks 😉 perfect!!

After about less than an hour, we decided to hit the road again. Realizing that I forgot buying the gift for the wedding (which Naney told me to do so, but I forgot because of a chaos yesterday 😦 ), we decided to stop over on SM. We bough rice cooker as a gift. And as for the snacks later for Tagaytay, we grabbed some chips on the grocery.

  • SM Carmona = Ruffles + Royal + Chocolates + Sandwiches  😉 again…perfect!!

We didn’t really make it to the church, as we waited the department store to be open, and have the gift wrapped. We directly went to the reception. It was a garden wedding, with a pink and purple motif. Okay din, maganda, in fairness. Right before the serving of foods, it started to rain so hard. Naney and I decided to go grab our lunch, while it still raining hard outside. Food was really good, not the usual catered foods I’ve attended on some weddings. 🙂

  • Wedding at Cavite = Sari-saring Filipino foods + bake mac + leche flan = extravaganly, perfect!!! 😉

Rain keeps on pouring for almost 2hours now. Naney and I decided to start hitting the road going to Tagaytay.

I remembered, it was I think 2 or 3 years ago since Naney and I went to Tagaytay. Our first stop, People’s Park. Nothing really changes, except that it get worse. I don’t know if there’s really a maintenance for the place, but I’m sorry, as far as I remember since I went there, it get worse now. But on the other hand, the views are still the perfect place to relax.

Well, Naney and I just sit on the bench while eating our Raffles we got from the grocery. We don’t hardly talk, we are just enjoying the scenery of the place, plus the cool breeze. Panalo pa din talaga!! 🙂

  • People’s Park  = Ruffles + Bottled water + cool breeze….apir!!! Panalo!! 😉

After an hour, we decided to go to our next stop.  Somewhere on Tagaytay highlands. It’s almos a 15 minute drive from People’s park. We were looking for the mushroom burger. Haven’t really tried that before, but Naney said it really good! I ate a royal size mushroom burger, and ofcourse, Naney got a King size mushroom burger. Paired with sodas, wow, it’s still perfect to be alive!!!

  • Mushroom burger diner = Burger mushroom + sodas + with the cool fog….this is what you called life!! 😉

I’m really full that time, so I’ve asked Naney to take a coffee. Starbucks downhill had no room for us anymore. We tried to look at the other place, and we decided to tried going to Cafe Lupe. Their brewed coffee is not bad (ofcourse nothing compares to Starbucks latte), coupled with some cigarette sticks (not good for the health), its been a nice place to standby.

  • Cafe Lupe = Brewed coffee + cigarette sticks…..unhealthy break, but still…perfect!!

It’s almost 5pm.  It will be a 2hour drive, so it’s better to start going. We tried the route of going to Manila via a Sta. Rosa Laguna. On the road, Naney and I stopped over to a nearby stalls where they sell japanesse corns. Hihihihi…It’s pretty cheap compared to Manila, so Naney and I bough two bags of uncooked japanesse corns, and two pieces of cooked corns. Wow, tasted really good.

  • Manila via Sta Rosa Laguna = Japanesse corns + water….viola!! solve solve tlaga!! 😉

We are both tired when we reach Manila, but Naney still wants to play billiards, so we go straigh to SM MOA. We are still full to go on a dinner, so we just decided to go home…

It was a long day. Long tiring day, but full of foods and fun!! Above all, what makes the combination really perfect was because it was my day with Naney. naks!! 🙂

  • Road trip = Food trip with Naney…this gives me the reason to smile everyday!! hataw parang totoo!! hahahahaha!!  I love being with Naney more than any road or food trips!! 😉

It’s been a Year!! Friday, August 15, 2008

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I din’t notice, but its been a year since I last wrote on my blog site. To be honest, I’m not really successful on maintaining any blog sites. 😉 Minsan kasi parang baduy!!! 🙂 But then, when I think of it, its a stress reliever. And therefore, I, trying to write again mean that I’m a little stress these days. Particularly, about work. 😦

Well, I’m already here in Manila. I’ve missed US for sometime, but then, it’s better here…it’s my HOME after all. Wala, masaya pa rin talaga sa Pinas! And hope, I could maintain writing here…


If Only.. Friday, October 19, 2007

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Trapped within this box some call ‘life’
Tied down to thoughts of your face
Pondering inside dreams to become your wife
Though still we are bound by the mere strings fate
gave us…
And in love is what we must trust
If only another time and place
If only… in this life

Why must love hurt so
And why do we have to stand against the wind
My true love, will you ever know
Ever know how my heart aches for you
Or how I admire all that you do
for I am in love… A love that will never end
You live within me… like the night is in the heart
of the crow

If only I could hold you in my arms
To let you feel the beat of my heart
I would absorb your laughter… every once of your charm
If only… I could hear you say my name
My life would never be the same
But I know, for now, we must be apart
If only you were here to keep me warm
If only…