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Atlanta – Things you don’t want to miss Thursday, October 18, 2007

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I’ve stayed here in Atlanta for almost 8mos now. I’m here for business reason, but I guess that doesn’t forbids me to share some of the fun things to do other than working =). Here’s my list:

1. Enjoy the nature appeal  and climate of Atlanta. – Parang Tagaytay or Baguio lang dito. Not too cold not warm, but certainly you’ll enjoy the weather. 


2. Atlanta is the home of Coca-Cola. – Visit the new building of Coca-cola museum. Damage is 18bucks.

3. Visit Six Flags. – Consists of Warner Bros characters. Parang naka discount kami 50%, but i think it will cost you 20-25bucks. Don’t forget to ride ‘Goliath’. hehehehe..

4. Visit their parks as well. From uptown to downtown, specially on holidays and their special occassions. 

5. There are several art musuems, and old type of churches as well.

6. Hooters. – Meron din nito sa other states, pero so far okay naman yung branches ng Hooters sa Atlanta. Sarap chicken! But ofcourse, for the guys indi lang legs ng chicken masarap dito.

7. GA Acquarium. – Never tried visiting it. Pero dun sa mga nakapunta okay naman daw.

See, wala na kong mailagay, boring din talaga. Hehehehe. Maybe I just really choose want I think worth visiting. I’m true blooded home-buddy, but if you are more adventurous than me, baka mas mahaba listahan nyo.


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