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‘Em back in London – Land of Queenies Sunday, July 15, 2012

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Experienced being away from home, I’m anticipating home sickness in a few months, so pardon me of these writings. As the Brit words says “it may sound rubbish” to you but I really want to share my travel experience here in London. And hopefully, in Europe.

This is my second time around in London, but I may say, there’s so much London have to offer that I’m sure ‘havent really experienced on my first visit. Here’s my top ten reason why i fell in love with London:

1. Elegant Architecture – the huge amount of details they put on their buildings, even on a simple gate at the park demonstrate their love for elegance.

2. Wines – i love their red wines in particular.

3. Tea – A good place to rehabilitate my coffee addiction.

4. Their great respect for Art – museums can be found left and right, and mostly free!

5. Food food, fresh food – they are not a fan of instant meals or fast foods.

6. Open city

7. Effective form of transpo – train, tube, ferry

8. ‘Love their accent.

9. Cold weather.

10. ‘Love my London associates.