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If Only.. Friday, October 19, 2007

Filed under: Love,Poetry — juvai @ 1:02 am

Trapped within this box some call ‘life’
Tied down to thoughts of your face
Pondering inside dreams to become your wife
Though still we are bound by the mere strings fate
gave us…
And in love is what we must trust
If only another time and place
If only… in this life

Why must love hurt so
And why do we have to stand against the wind
My true love, will you ever know
Ever know how my heart aches for you
Or how I admire all that you do
for I am in love… A love that will never end
You live within me… like the night is in the heart
of the crow

If only I could hold you in my arms
To let you feel the beat of my heart
I would absorb your laughter… every once of your charm
If only… I could hear you say my name
My life would never be the same
But I know, for now, we must be apart
If only you were here to keep me warm
If only…